Letter from the President

What’s in a name?

If you work in the oil and gas service industry, it turns out to be quite a lot. “Precision” has been much more than simply our name since we were founded in 1953. It has also been our goal. From our equipment, to our personnel, to the standards that we set for ourselves, we continually strive to not just “get it right” but to provide a service that is unparalleled and constantly improving. This is evident in our ongoing research and development.

We hold the patent for the first Real Time computer-based Mud Logging System and continue to make research a top priority.

It is also true in our people. We have many employees that have been with us for 5, 10, 20 years. Some have been with us for 30 – 40 years. We are proud to say that much of our recruitment of new personnel is focused on Geology-degreed graduates at various universities in the U.S. We also hire a large number of U.S. military veterans who aspire to a career in the oil and gas industry.

Experience. Many mudlogging companies say they have it. We have logged over 5,000 wells for over 500 Oil and Gas Operators. Nearly every job that we work is a “follow-the-rig”, indicating ongoing customer satisfaction. We have logged wells in nearly every county/parish in Texas and Louisiana and have also worked in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, and Michigan. Our safety record is exemplary. Many of our jobs currently in progress have an unsurpassed safety record.

Finally, it is evident in our success. We are proud to say that Precision Well Logging has been in continuous business over the course of eight decades. Not only is this a rarity in our business, it is unmatched by anyone.

In these times of uncertainty isn’t it good to know you have an opportunity to work with a company you can depend on?