Precision’s Employment Interests

As the oil and gas industry boom continues, Precision Well Logging will have the need for additional mud logging personnel to process and analyze geological samples at the well site. We hire:

  • Recent college graduates with preferably a geology or engineering degree.
  • Experienced loggers who ideally have 2+ years of field experience.
  • Applicants who demonstrate an eagerness to be trained in mud logging.

If any of the above describes you, and positions are available, then we would be happy to welcome you to Precision. We feel that your association with Precision would be a mutually beneficial and pleasant one.

Precision Well Logging is honored to be associated with military organizations dedicated to the employment of our military veterans. Many of our employees were found as a result of this affiliation. WE ARE PROUD OF OUR VETERANS OF THE ARMED SERVICES!

Quality and Pride

You would be joining an organization that has established an outstanding reputation for quality services. Credit for this goes to every one of our employees. We would welcome you with the hope and trust that you would find satisfaction and would take pride in your work here.

Our Commitment to
Your Satisfied Work Experience

Being well compensated and achieving personal satisfaction from doing a job well are only some of the reasons people like working for us; pleasant relationships and working conditions, career development and bonuses, vacations, and all the other “fringe” benefits add up to an unusually good “oil industry” job. Precision is committed to doing its part to assure you of a satisfying work experience.

You’re Part of Our Team

As a member of Precision’s team, you would be expected to contribute your talents and energies to improve the environment and quality of the company, as well as improving our services to our customers. In return, you would be given opportunities to grow and advance in your career.

Precision Is Dedicated to Two Standards

To provide our customers with the best quality well logging services at the best prices with the best services
To provide our employees with wages and benefits comparable to the best provided by others doing similar work within the industry and region
We Always Put Safety First

Precision believes it is our duty to provide you with as safe a workplace as we possibly can. For your protection we have an in-house safety inspection program and we enlist the services of outside safety consulting firms. We also have a substance abuse policy because you have a right to know that you can count on your co-workers.

Performance and Attitude
— Equal Opportunity Employment

The only things we require for increased compensation, advancement and benefits are performance and a good team attitude; however, all employment at Precision is equal opportunity employment. No one will be denied opportunities or benefits on the basis of age, sex, color, national origin, religious persuasion, marital status, political belief, or disability that does not prohibit performance of essential job functions; nor will anyone receive special treatment for those reasons.

Some of the Benefits Provided for Eligible Employees

  • Disability Leave of Absence
  • Funeral (Bereavement) Leave
  • Group Health Care/Hospitalization Insurance
  • Paid Holidays (Office and Field differ)
  • Paid Vacations and Sick Time
  • Personal Leave of Absence
  • Retirement Plan
  • Performance Awards
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance
  • Unemployment Compensation Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance

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